Re-Emergence and Return

March 23-25 2022


Re-emergence and Return. This theme corresponds to the uncertainty of and transformation to how ways of life can re-emerge and return in the current pandemic world. With the arrival of vaccines, we are disentangling a watershed of new ideas, encounters and adaptations that have come about in the pandemic, as well as its many losses, traumas, and tensions. We are at a moment between hopeful visions of a post-pandemic world and more critical visions of a neverending pandemic, with no normal to return to. Can it be said that there is a "post pandemic" world to which to return? What does "normalcy" mean? What is or will be the "new normal"?


At the forefront of many people’s minds are the anticipatory promises of a ‘return,’ but a return to what? Additionally, are returns even possible and/or what are the impossibilities of return as a future? 


Beyond the pandemic itself, how have communities or even our species and ancestors historically responded to major shifts and threats in society and reinvented or reorganized themselves in the past (e.g. drought, disease, war, etc)? How might less anthropocentric approaches and more holistic views expand our horizons on human and nonhuman coexistence? How is the world being reworked, re-organized? How are we adapting and transforming our ways of being and knowing the world?

Keynote Address by Tatiana Degai


About Medusa

The Medusa Graduate Conference is an annual event hosted by the Anthropology Graduate Student Union at the University of Toronto, St. George campus since 2011. Medusa is intended to provide both internal and external students with early-career conference and networking experience in a collegial and interdisciplinary environment. Generally, participants come from universities across eastern Canada and the United States, with many presenting their research for the first time. Medusa is an important plank of the AGSU’s mandate, and marks a highly anticipated event in the calendars of graduate students in our department and across the University of Toronto.



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